Tests find radiation in rice from fukushima

Tests find radiation in rice from fukushima. If true, it means Fukushima can’t have produced any radiation for about 15 years and it’s unlikely Fukushima’s contaminated rice was released on the U.S. mainland until after th썬 시티 카지노ose 15 years.

In Japan, a new study found that, after Fukushima, the radioactive cesium released by Fukushima is not leaking into the sea as claimed and remains in the Fukushima Tepco seawater, which has not yet reached sea levels.

In one other interesting finding from the study by Ryohei Yamaguchi of the University of California, San Diego, it’s clear that cesium levels in soil remain below the threshold known as background radiation which occurs when a naturally occurring radiation has already crossed 바카라 추천the 100-fold background levels of natural radioactivity. The research, published in the journal, The Lancet, also indicated that groundwater contains relatively high levels of naturally occurring radioactivity, and that groundwater is “the most likely source” for the radio카지노active cesium that can leak from Fukushima to land in the U.S.

The Japanese government says water flowing into Fukushima is safe to drink. The Environmental Protection Agency says it will continue to monitor water supplies and is “currently evaluating and coordinating” an evacuation plan.