Woman charged over st albans attack appears in court

Woman charged over st albans attack appears in court

THE judge heard how a young girl from St Albans was dragged off a bus in the early hours of Saturday, with an assault charge of attempted murder having been brought against her.

The accused girl, identified by the Crown as Hannah Geddes, 15, is believed to have been assaulted by a group of people and dragged on to the bus.

The bus, which was travelling between Newcastle and St Albans, had stopped in the centre of Dunblane.

The bus driver was walking away when he heard sounds of sexual assault and a woman appeared on the bus and punched him on the chest.

Judge Richard Smith QC said the incident happened at about 2.15am outside the Dunblane bus stop.

He told Miss Geddes: “If someone does such a thing, I’m very troubled for my young victim.”

Miss Geddes was arrested by the MPS after CCTV showed her walking across a busy footpath with a man dressed in a red suit.

She told police: “I can’t remember if I jumped or when they started, or where we went, but I was pretty high up the steps at the top of the steps and all of a sudden I just went to the ground.

“I thought if I got away I would be OK, it was dark but I just collapsed on the grass.

“They dragged me to the ground, that’s the most shocking moment for me.”

On her first appearance at Newcastle Magistrates Court yesterday, she told the judge the incident took place on 20 December.

She also said she would appear again in court for a first appearance today바카라사이트.

Detective Inspector Steve Beasley said: “In the early hours of Saturday the 16-year-old girl, who has no previous convicti우리카지노ons or offending, left a bus and was then assaulted with the group of girls on the back of her as well as a man in a red suit.

“I have been working on this case for the past couple of weeks now, and it is a very difficult case.

“The teenager was on the bus and was walking along the footpath when she became involved in a scuffle with two or three y바카라oung people and they dragged her off the bus, where she was assaulted and the group of people fled.”

Mr Beasley added: “The defendant, who is described by police as about 5ft 4in tall and 170kg, of unknown race, i